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Bombora integrates with Outreach to make Intent data actionable for sales

July 8, 2020

Bombora’s new integration with Outreach puts free Intent data insights at the fingertips of sales teams. Through the delivery of weekly Intent-driven tasks, sales teams will know which accounts to focus on and what content to engage them with. Helping to make Intent data more accessible and actionable for sales.

Knowing who to call and when is a challenge for every sales rep. Intent data helps bridge this gap. It empowers sales teams to identify accounts showing active interest.

A recent TOPO study revealed that prioritizing accounts and sharing insights with sales development are the two most common use cases for Intent data. It also highlighted that the biggest challenge is making Intent data actionable.

Bombora's new integration with Outreach puts Intent insights directly into the hands of sales teams, allowing them to take timely and immediate action.

"Our BDR team is jazzed by the expanded use of Bombora [in Outreach]! Adding Bombora’s intent data insights into Outreach makes them actionable for BDRs," said Jodi Lebow, Vice President of Demand Generation at

“It allows our team to start Monday morning with the confidence that they’re interacting with accounts that want to hear from us. This increases the relevant conversations we’re involved with and naturally leads to higher conversions."

Making Intent data actionable for sales

The Bombora + Outreach integration makes it easy for sales teams to identify accounts interested in them and take action. 

Company Surge® Intent data indicates when a business is consuming content on an Intent topic significantly more than usual, according to historic data consumption behavior and benchmarks. 

Through this integration, Bombora will push a task to an account owner in Outreach, when their allocated account is showing Company Surge® activity or increased intent. To provide context to help with effective sales conversations and engagement, the delivered tasks also include a list of the topics that the account is interested in.

Contained all in one place, the integration allows Outreach users to: 

  • Immediately identify accounts that are researching topics related to your products and services
  • Prioritize accounts and target those that are most likely to close
  • Have context for timely and effective sales conversations, using the specific topics that accounts are researching
  • Track interest in competitor and related topics to identify opportunities for cross sell, upsell, or risks of churn

Outreach + Bombora = Quick results for sales

"Intent data, by its nature, increases the likelihood that sales teams will have a relevant message delivered to an in-market prospect at a time of likely engagement," says Mike Burton in this article with DemandGen Report

Here are a couple of ways to make the most of Intent data using the new Outreach integration, to engage accounts showing high intent*:

  • Interest in 3+ topics - Trigger a generalized Outreach Sequence for accounts or send them marketing nurture content based on their topic interest
  • Interest in 5+ topics - Trigger a targeted Outreach Sequence relevant to their topic interest
  • Interest in 10+ topics - Contact now! Identify the most relevant contact at the account and engage with them 

Intent-driven tasks are available for free for Outreach and Bombora customers. To learn more about this integration, please join the upcoming webinar 'How to make your sales data more actionable' and to sign up please visit

*Please note: You may need to adjust these thresholds based on your strategy and topic selection.