What does Outreach do?

Outreach is a Sales Engagement Platform that streamlines effective playbooks so sales teams can focus their time, effort, and attention on driving better customer engagement. 

The platform fits every workflow, is secure, scalable, and applies AI to power better engagement and sales efficiency. With the free Bombora integration, Outreach customers can use Intent data seamlessly with their existing workflows.

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Leveraging Intent data


How can Intent data be used in Outreach?

  1. Prioritize accounts with high intent – Bombora’s Company Surge® identifies which accounts are researching specific topics related to an Outreach user’s business, products, and services, signaling buyer intent.
  2. Take action on Intent-driven tasks – Company Surge® triggers a ‘high priority’ task when accounts show buyer intent, enabling sales reps to take immediate action to engage their top accounts.
  3. Have context for sales conversations – Bombora Intent topics show the specific topics that target accounts are engaging with right now (e.g. Email Marketing, B2B data, etc.)
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What are the benefits of this?

  • Immediately identify highly interested accounts that are researching topics related to specific products and services
  • Automatically prioritize top accounts and target the deals that are most likely to close
  • Have context for timely and effective sales conversations, leveraging the specific topics that accounts are researching
  • Track interest in competitors and related topics to identify opportunities for cross sell, upsell, or risks of churn
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How does this apply to you?

Whether you’re a marketer, agency, or publisher, Company Surge® helps you prioritize resources and accelerate revenue.

B2B Sales and Marketing

Align marketing and sales towards a unified approach focused on Intent data.

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Deliver better results for your clients with highly targeted campaigns that focus on businesses demonstrating intent.

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Enrich your ad products with the power of B2B Intent data to deliver more targeted campaigns for your advertising partners.

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Adding Bombora's intent insights into Outreach makes them actionable for BDRs and allows our team to start Monday morning with the confidence that they're interacting with accounts that want to hear from us! Increasing the relevant conversations we're involved with naturally leads to higher conversions.

Jodi Lebow, Digital.ai

Jodi Lebow, VP of Demand Generation


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Company Surge® data powers Terminus' triggers for intent and account-based ad campaigns. Know which topics to use when creating ads, collateral, and video to engage a target audience.

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Intent data helps Engagio suggest the next best action in the account journey. With easy-to-use reports and suggestions, Engagio provides a transparent and privacy-compliant view of intent and engagement activity.

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Bombora intelligently surfaces Company Surge® Intent data directly into the sales workflow to help align sales and marketing teams by prioritizing target accounts.

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Get free Intent data in Outreach

Company Surge® integrates with Outreach to create high priority tasks when accounts show buyer intent for your products and services. These tasks help sales take immediate action to engage the accounts that are most likely to close.

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