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Bombora’s new Measurement products uncover the B2B buying path for brands

February 14, 2019

Bombora’s newly released Measurement suite of products give businesses audience insights into B2B buying to help align hyper-targeted in-market activities, shorten sales cycles and ultimately provide a better customer experience.

You’d have to be living under a rock to know that the B2B buying journey is moving further and further away from the control of marketing and sales. According to Gartner, prospective customers complete nearly 60% of the B2B buying process before they even approach a vendor directly.

Bombora’s recently released B2B marketing Measurement products, uncovers this part of the journey for sales and marketing to help them close the loop on their activities. These products also help B2B marketers assess and validate the effectiveness of their Account Based Marketing campaigns and website content. They include:

- Audience Verification, which enables B2B marketers to see detailed information on exactly which accounts are viewing its ads

- Visitor Insights, which enables marketers to identify the accounts visiting their website, even if they leave without initiating contact. This product is available through the Bombora interface or can be synced directly with Google Analytics

- Historical Buyer Journey Analysis retrospectively pinpoints the topics of interest that generated B2B buying decisions. Helping businesses to focus efforts on the most pertinent topics to capture prospects attention faster

“Not everyone on a buying committee will visit your website. But by getting them familiar with your brand during their research process, you’ll reduce friction at the point of purchase,” said Brandon Friesen, CEO of Just Media.

“Bombora’s new Audience Verification product changes the game because it validates that we’re reaching the businesses and decision makers we need to reach to maximize marketing ROI.”

Getting history, for repeat business

Bombora Intent Event Juniper Networks HBJA 2019

“Bombora helped us identify topic interests during the buyer’s journey,” shared Leila Schwarz, Senior Manager Business Analytics and Insights at Juniper Networks at the inaugural Intent Event.

“We found that customers researched broad topics earlier in the journey, progressing later into more solution-focused and product-specific topics. This insight has helped us better prioritize and predict qualified opportunities.”

Historical Buyer Journey Analysis analyzes prospective buyer Intent topic consumption behavior over 18 months (retrospectively). It identifies topics that were most engaged with and maps this across the B2B buying journey. These insights can be used to target and customize marketing and sales activities for prospects during their B2B buying journey.

Using Historical Buyer Journey Analysis, Pegasystems found 75 Intent topics that showed an aggregated 248% more research behavior between closed-won accounts and a control group. Pegasystems is using these insights for prospecting lookalike customers in its current pipeline and across its overall marketing and sales activities.

Parts of this post were first published on MarTech Today and GlobeNewswire.