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Bombora and DealSignal deliver Intent-based B2B leads with verified contact details

April 4, 2019

Data is only as valuable as its best application. When unique account-level insights are complemented with contact details of business professionals in the relevant target persona, taking action on Intent data becomes seamless and simple. Our partnership with DealSignal gives sales and marketing professionals a complete view of their target audience, including Company Surge® data and details of the appropriate person to contact at each organization.

One of the most common challenges with Intent data is knowing how to operationalize the insights that come from it. Company Surge® generates a unique-to-market dataset, however, it delivers the most value with proper application. This is why we partner with the best-of-breed Sales Technologies, MarTech, and AdTech companies: to incorporate Company Surge® data into existing workflows, rather than requiring our clients to create new ones.

We’ve joined forces with DealSignal to integrate Company Surge® data with verified on-demand contact data to deliver intent-based B2B leads to marketers. When business professionals who fit a specific target persona are forming buying committees, their account and contact details will populate in the DealSignal Dynamic Data Platform. The B2B leads will include emails and direct-dial phone numbers so that marketing and sales can reach out to ideal buyers and drive more conversions.

“We’re excited to partner with Bombora to help marketing and sales teams finally answer the most elusive question: Who is out there actively looking for what we sell and how can we reach them before our competitors,” said DealSignal founder & CEO, Rob Weedn. "The integration means that revenue-driving teams can now see which companies are actively in-market, plus get complete, accurate contact data for ideal buyers at those companies, so they can reach out and convert that intent into a purchase.”

Here’s how it works in the DealSignal Platform:

  • Customers define their target buyer persona(s)
  • Then, they select up to 50 Intent topics from Bombora’s selection of over 5,300. With Company Surge®, topics are dynamically matched to accounts that have recently shown increased content consumption in those topics, compared to a baseline
  • DealSignal will then enrich the firmographic account details, and append on-demand verified contacts that are within the identified target persona(s) to deliver a list of B2B leads

Using the account and contact details presented, sales teams can prioritize and call on accounts while making sure their conversations are relevant to the specific Intent topics.

The integrated solution identifies B2B leads in both net-new accounts that are primed for purchase, as well as the highest value accounts on an existing target list. Results can be refined by company size, revenue, industry, or location, to make programmatic Account Based Marketing programs more specific and targeted. Complementing programmatic efforts with direct sales outreach will save time and promote sustainable organizational practices. 

“The Bombora-DealSignal integration makes Intent data immediately actionable for our sales team,” said Jeremy Middleton, Senior Director of Revenue Operations and Digital Marketing at Pramata. “Accounts don’t make purchase decisions, people do, so our team is excited to be able to reach the right people in any account that’s showing purchase intent. It helps us continually feed valuable new contacts to the sales team so they can build pipeline—potential buyers that we may have otherwise been missing.”

Parts of this post were first published on PRWeb.