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Buyer Intent leaders, Bombora and G2 partner to help uncover more of the prospect journey

July 14, 2020

Bombora and G2 have partnered to help vendors "make the magic happen" using Intent data. The combination of G2 and Bombora's  buyer Intent data helps businesses pinpoint the accounts most likely to convert.

More than five million people visit every month to help them find and buy the best software for their businesses. There is no question that the tech marketplace is a powerful source of first-party Intent data, as comparison and review behaviors can be indicative of buyer intent. 

This partnership allows vendors to identify accounts that are conducting relevant research across both and the greater B2B web powered by Company Surge® data.

"The magic happens, once you merge third-party data with first-party data,” says Franklin Herbas, Vice President, CMI Account Intelligence CMI Crystal Ball, SAP Corporate Strategy. “The more data you put into the equation, the more behavioral analysis you can do. Let the data drive the efforts of marketing, rather than trying to push 10,000 customers to buy your product or service."

In addition to its existing Buyer Intent score, Bombora’s Intent topic insights are now available to G2 customers. Users can view the topics accounts are interested in, and understand the magnitude of intent around those topics represented by a Bombora Intent topic score. With the increased scale of Intent data available directly, G2 customers can:

  • Identify interested and qualified buyers - G2 and Bombora surface behaviors of prospective accounts that are actively reviewing brand-relevant products, categories, and competitors.
  • Target the right audiences at the right time - Intent signals around research activity can be used to trigger account targeting during the peak of their research phase.
  • Deliver relevant messaging - Bombora's Intent topics and G2's category reporting can be used to craft content that is relevant to prospect accounts' interests.

This integration puts an expanded view of a prospect's buyer journey directly in the hands of marketing and sales teams. 

The ability to pair third-party research with G2 intent will add yet another piece of the prospect's story happening outside of our domain, making it more accessible for us to become a part of it,” said Hillary Lupo Carpio, Director of ABM at Snowflake.

This integration is free to all Pro, Power, Activate, and Accelerate G2 customers who are using Buyer Intent. To get started, please visit G2.