Interested in becoming a Bombora Certified Agency?

Bombora Certified Agency's are expert users of our Intent data and products

To become a Bombora Certified Agency (at the base level), firms must meet the following criteria:

1. Activate and measure impact of Bombora products 
Demonstrate the ability to assess customer needs and administer Bombora’s full suite of products on an ongoing basis to tangibly improve end-customer experience.

2. Deep product understanding
Demonstrate a deep understanding of and ability to (independently) use Bombora’s full range of products: Company Surge® Analytics (and its integrations), Audience Solutions and Measurement.

3. Monthly revenue guarantee 
Commit to a mutually-agreed minimum monthly spend with Bombora.

4. Actively commit to and drive in-market and PR activities
Commit to mutually-agreed activities and tactics to promote the use of Bombora’s products in-market.

5. Openly share results and feedback
Become a trusted partner to aid the improvement of and development of Bombora’s products by openly sharing results, internal and customer feedback.

The benefits of being a part of this program are:

‘Always on’ access to the best-in-breed B2B dataset available. Leapfrog other agencies and get the competitive edge when it comes to B2B targeting.

Ability to go beyond ‘just’ media placement and be ‘in the conversation’.  Driven by Account-Based Marketing, Intent data experts are in demand across the whole marketing and sales journey.

Get an even larger slice of the B2B pie. Driving Intent data-driven strategy, will result in higher value for your customers. Resulting in more ‘always on’ budgets and activity.

Unprecedented access to education about Bombora’s products. Receive training on all Bombora products and how to leverage them across several disciplines.