What does Leadspace do?

The Leadspace Customer Data Platform enables B2B sales and marketing teams to identify and engage customers through a single source of truth.

Leadspace combines real-time data enrichment with advanced AI and predictive models across 1st and 3rd party data sets to identify uniquely new prospect accounts. The resulting insights enable more effective prioritization, segmentation, and sales engagement that drives revenue.

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Leveraging Intent data


How does Leadspace use Intent data?

Joint customers can combine Intent data with Leadspace Predictive and Persona scores to accurately predict prospects’ readiness to buy in real-time.

  1. Inbound – Routing, segmentation, and prioritization of inbound leads with Intent-based insights. Up to 80 data fields are appended to prospects in real-time, then matched to accounts for engagement.
  2. Outbound – Leadspace Fit and Persona models locate target audiences that fit an ‘Ideal Customer Profile’. Company Surge® data displays the level of product interest, enabling users to rank unknown audiences accordingly.
  3. Account Based Marketing (ABM) – Using look-alike modeling, Leadspace reveals net-new target accounts and generates ABM lists. Intent data is used to prioritize and activate those lists based on Company Surge® Scores.
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What are the benefits of this?

  • More effective, timely targeting of new audiences that are most likely to convert
  • Optimized customer and prospect engagement processes, reducing costs and increasing revenue
  • Better understanding of customers and prospects to engage them at the right time with the right message

How does this apply to you?

Whether you’re a marketer, agency, or publisher, Company Surge® helps you prioritize resources and accelerate revenue.

B2B Sales and Marketing

Align marketing and sales towards a unified approach focused on Intent data.

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Deliver better results for your clients with highly targeted campaigns that focus on businesses demonstrating intent.

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Enrich your ad products with the power of B2B Intent data to deliver more targeted campaigns for your advertising partners.

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We get that full picture: enriching our databases so sales can focus on the best accounts in real-time. It’s helped us improve pipeline quality and marketing engagement...increasing email open rates by 60% and doubling reply rates.


David Tam, Director of Marketing


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