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Leadership priorities to take into 2023, with Rich Eldh

Every new year, leaders look for ways to improve processes, innovate product experiences, and inspire their teams.   

How can you be the leader your team really needs?

This latest podcast episode has some insight.

In this podcast episode of The Intent Data Exchange, Mike Burton, VP of data sales and co-founder of Bombora chats with Rich Eldh, co-founder & managing director at Sirius Decisions, now Forrester. 

Rich discusses his interesting career journey — from a salmon canning company in Alaska to being the founder of SiriusDecisions, a B2B research and advisory firm, before its acquisition by Forrester.

Check out this podcast episode to hear key his learnings along the way and the moves leaders should consider to build a collaborative, resilient team.

“Back then, typically, sales was an individual sport. You didn’t think of teaming salespeople,” said Rich. “But if you match people who have the same motivations, and who trust each other, you can actually create a very powerful sales weapon and a huge revenue generator.” 

Rich’s experience and advice aligns with recent research about team behavior from the Harvard Business Review. Their study shows that when 20% to 40% of the team members were already well connected to one another, the team had strong collaboration right from the start.

“Teaming was critical learning for me,” shared Rich. “If you can create a trusting relationship with those people you work with, the likelihood is you will get people to follow you and go in the direction that you’re trying to achieve.”

Listen to the full episode now to hear the inspiring stories from Rich.

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"If you match people who have the same motivations and who trust each other, you can actually create a very powerful sales weapon and a huge revenue generator."

Rich Eldh Co-founder and managing director of SiriusDecisions, now Forrester

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