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A look into effective data-inspired storytelling, with Randi Barshack

As a marketer, we know that data is critical. But with a good story, it’s powerful. 

It helps marketers shape stories to bring the brand to life. It sets the vision and value for creating sustainable campaigns and marketing messaging that truly resonates.

Randi Barshack, CMO of RollWorks joined our podcast host, Mike Burton, SVP of data sales & co-founder of Bombora to share her career journey and experience of data-inspired storytelling. She applies the skills she’s gained from a decade of documentary filmmaking and TV production to help build growth solutions for the B2B space. 

“Every marketer today — you’re either data-driven, or you’re a storyteller. But I’m a data-driven storyteller,” she says. “Marketers are so eager to tell their story, but it starts with asking really good questions and listening to the customer.”

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