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Bombora | Netfactor

Bombora Inc. acquired Netfactor in 2019 and since then, has been working with Netfactor to service clients with the amazing products that Netfactor offered.

With the great innovations and significant changes to Bombora since Netfactor’s acquisition, Netfactor’s VisitorTrack solution is being sunsetted and replaced with a new Bombora solution, Audience Insights.  

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An Improved Experience: Audience Insights

We are introducing Bombora’s Planning & Measurement Suite, which includes the Audience Insights report module, and provides enhanced visibility of the visitors coming to your website.   

Within Audience Insights, you will have access to four dashboards that provide:

  • Composition of your 1st party visitors segmented by intent, intent stages, and competitive reach to Bombora’s Co-op by business intent.
  • B2B interest data of your unique visitors filtered by site and demographic data. 
  • Firmographic and demographic data of your site visitors site-wide and by specific page URL. 
  • Intelligence into the Bombora’s Company Surge® data on the businesses associated with your website visitors, which enables you to create timely and relevant messaging for email campaigns, LinkedIn advertising, and sales team messaging 
  • Access to 18 months’ worth of historical website visitor data 
  • Ability to schedule .pdf or .csv file delivery of these four dashboards daily, weekly, monthly, and download capabilities. 

Learn more about Audience Insights here. 



Next Steps:

Netfactor’s VisitorTrack will sunset in March 2023. Until then, you can still log in to your VisitorTrack instance hereIf you have already spoken to your Account Executive or CSM about getting migrated to Audience Insights, you can log in to the Bombora Planning & Measurement Suite here.

For those who still need to update your contract with the Audience Insights module, please contact Sales ( for more information.