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Business 2 Community – Avoiding ‘needle-off-the-record’ moments using intent data for content marketing

February 16, 2016

In a world full of content and conversations - for B2B marketers joining in at the right time and ‘speaking’ about the right topic is increasingly challenging.

Content that doesn’t serve specific audience needs simply adds to the noise. In the often faceless digital world of B2B marketing it can translate to the difference between someone signing up or walking away. Rather than struggle with starting a new conversation about topics that hold no interest to their audience, marketers need to understand the existing conversations and add value to them.

In his article, 'How to Avoid ‘Needle-Off-The-Record’ Moments Using Intent Data for Content Marketing' featured on Business 2 Community, Mike Burton explores how B2B marketers can use intent data to help them understand what topics their audience is interested in and identify the optimal times for them to join in.