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B2B marketing and sales orchestration are made easier due to ZenIQ and Bombora partnership

October 10, 2017

Sales and marketing professionals now have access to Bombora Intent data directly within ZenIQ. Known for its Account Based Marketing (ABM) and sales orchestration tools, the ZenIQ platform incorporates Company Surge® data and Intent signals to allow for more seamless workflows.

Demand generation and marketing operations professionals have long suffered the battle of mining through massive CSV files to find valuable information and repurpose it for use. Sales teams and SDRs are required to act quickly and find prospects in the perfect moment in which they are ready to purchase - no time for CSV files there.

Prior to the integration of Bombora B2B Intent data in the ZenIQ platform, a similar manual process was required before B2B sales and marketing teams were able to take advantage of Intent data insights and apply them in their ABM platform.

"Bombora Intent data, seamlessly integrated into ZenIQ workflows and filters, can be acted upon immediately for maximum impact to drive greater engagement with target accounts," said Srihari Kumar, CEO and Co-Founder of ZenIQ. "We are thrilled to make this data easier to use for marketers."

Now, platform users can leverage Company Surge® Intent data which displays accounts that have been researching topics related to certain products and services, and when they’ve exhibited increases in that content engagement. ZenIQ then shows those target accounts that are moving down-funnel and have the propensity to buy or engage with ABM programs. Furthermore, demand generation and marketing operations professionals can quickly operationalize the insights from Intent data to drive action; they can be added to a marketing automation workflow, or associated to a task in a CRM to prompt sales and SDR calls. From the native B2B Intent data integration to the cross-platform functionality, all of these actions are orchestrated within the ZenIQ platform in a matter of minutes.

To help users adapt to platform changes and take advantage of Bombora Intent data, a free Account Based Marketing Assessment is available.

"ZenIQ solved the single biggest pain point in operationalizing Bombora data by adding automation and intelligence into our process of making it actionable for sales and marketing," said Jessica Didion, Demand Generation Leader responsible for Account Based Marketing at Seattle based Avalara.

"B2B marketing requires informed insights in order to make decisions," said Mike Burton, co-founder and SVP, data sales, for Bombora. "When companies can orchestrate data and insights across their enterprise, so that they are available to both marketing and sales teams, then the results are likely to improve for both departments. ZenIQ has simplified this process, making it far easier for marketers to access and use Bombora's Intent data."

Parts of this post were first published on MarketWired.