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New revenue in an unexpected place, with Dale Scoggin

The secret to helping your sales team achieve more revenue? Teamwork.

In this special podcast episode of The Intent Data Exchange, Marc Johnson and Dale Scoggin of Bombora chat about a payment card provider’s journey to implement Intent data and the collaborative effort to partner with this Bombora customer.

Sure you’ve heard numerous teamwork tips before, but Dale discovered this enterprise sales opportunity within his first weeks of onboarding at Bombora and unexpectedly closed the sale shortly after with the help of numerous cross-functional team members.

He shares practical and tangible advice for B2B personal selling, the Bombora integrations that make it easy for this customer to see what their prospects are in-market for, and the dream team that makes it all happen.

“What’s important is selling on a personal basis,” said Dale. “The people involved on the customer side are using this capability that we’re offering to target in-market accounts as a stepping stone for their careers on a personal growth and career growth trajectory.”

“They’re confident we’re already showing success for them, and we’re going to continue to be successful for them. So they’re confident that this is going to be just one more feather in their cap, to growing their own personal careers as well.”

Listen to the full episode now to get all the advice from Dale!

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"Bombora is seen as the secret weapon to shortening the sales cycle and increasing the win rate."

Dale Scoggin VP, Enterprise Accounts - Bombora