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How important is the agile “test-and-learn” approach, with Matt Diiorio

More businesses are reimagining their traditional change management methods to adopting agile, data-driven approaches for growth. (And they tell us so here!)

In our latest podcast episode,  Matt Diiorio, assistant VP of global brand and marketing at MetLife, shares what he’s learned throughout his career that’s helped him optimize processes, especially in the finance market, to achieve the agility required for competitiveness today.

Matt stresses the importance of testing new tactics and celebrating wins to ensure the work remains relevant. 

“What I’ve found truly exciting is to be able to see teams come up with ideas, test experiments, figure out very quickly what works and what doesn’t, and then be able to pivot,” he said. “The more you’re able to do that, I think the more you’re able to unlock value at a quicker rate.”

The idea is that by developing an internal culture of experimentation, the process of finding out what your customers and best prospects want most speeds up.

“It might be a challenge at first, but once you start to see those wins, it’s really rewarding because the team feels it,” said Matt. “The team sees the wins. And I think it just makes them more hungry to work and actually focus on delivering that value.”

Celebrating large and small wins (and even woes) provides an opportunity to identify successful experiments that otherwise may have gone unnoticed to become candidates for streamlining future processes and steering the company to capture the next opportunity. 

So change management meets agile — how can you start? In addition to celebrating wins, part of the foundation also is accessing the right data and building business partnerships.

“There’s access to data and technology that we have at our fingertips that’s kind of an accelerant to overall growth for an organization."

Matthew Diiorio Assistant VP of global brand and marketing, MetLife

“There’s an enormous amount of data at our disposal, but how do we make sure that we uncover the right data and not just send that over the fence,” said Matt.

“Ultimately, a true close partnership with business partners actually delivers value. I think there’s a lot more work to do in a larger sense for most B2B organizations, especially within financial services. But I think we’re definitely on the right path.”

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