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Marketo Blog – How to find your ‘Glengarry’ leads through intent data

April 11, 2016

Calling on cult classic, Glengarry Glen Ross, Mike Burton explores the ever foreboding challenge plaguing marketing and sales teams alike: how do you find those ‘Glengarry’ leads – the ones that will guarantee conversion?

In the quest for AIDA (not the opera... rather Attention, Interest, Decision, Action) - Mike explains how intent data can be used particularly at the front-end of this methodology, to help provide an understanding of what an individual, department or a company in a specific location is most interested in.

As he highlights, the outcome for sales and marketing teams is moving beyond the ‘batch and blast’ approach, to understanding exactly what their audience is interested in and when - allowing more strategic planning and distribution of content. If these teams then 'close the loop' and incorporate this data into their various tools and processes, Mike discusses how it will open up a way to uncover and action the highly sought-after... Glengarry leads.

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