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Get Smart Content and Bombora form partnership to empower the next generation of marketing personalization with intent-based insights

April 19, 2017

New Account-Based Marketing Solution will Provide Customers with Unprecedented Level of Actionable Audience Insights

Get Smart Content, a leading cross-channel personalization platform has announced a strategic partnership with Bombora, the largest aggregator of B2B Intent data, to provide the world’s first intent-based marketing personalization solution. The new solution named Audience Insights, combines intent data from Bombora along with professional role and account data, providing marketers within an unprecedented level of audience insights right within the Get Smart Content platform.

“Effective personalization is one of every marketer's key challenges. As marketers develop their programs using personalization, these programs require reliable, insightful data that will help marketers intelligently respond with personalized content based on an individual’s buying intent,” said Jonathan Tam, Research Director, SiriusDecisions.

Benefits of Buyer Intent Data
Understanding the intent of your audience’s visit is a critical element of success for Account Based Marketing (ABM). The data associated with buyer’s intent falls into two primary categories: off-site data and on-site data. On-site data includes behavioral actions that take place on a brand’s own site - including repeat visits, time on page, and content consumed.

Off-site data includes content consumption observed across the broader B2B web; in Bombora’s case this information is collected from across its cooperative network of B2B media and vendor websites, analyst firms, and lead generation services. Bombora's Intent data reflects increases in content consumption around a specific topic signaling business level intent as well as user level interest.

“Get Smart Content and Bombora let us surface the content that was buried within our site structure and bring it forward in an intelligent manner, based on who is coming to our site and what they’re interested in,” said Todd McVeigh, Search and Social Media Marketing Manager at M-Files.

“Intent data is critical to empowering the next generation of marketing personalization, as it provides marketers with unprecedented insight into what their target accounts and individual visitors are interested in before they even show up on their website,” said Jim Eustace, CEO of Get Smart Content. “Using best of breed data resources like Bombora sets marketers up for success because they’re ready to engage when their prospects are – 24/7.”