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Dstillery and Bombora partner to provide Intent data-driven ‘intelligent’ full-funnel programmatic solution

December 13, 2016

Dstillery partners with Bombora to deliver machine-learning driven audience creation, delivery and optimization for B2B marketers, using Intent data insights to generate hyper-targeted programmatic campaigns.

New York - December 13, 2016 - Dstillery, an industry-leader in digital intelligence, and Bombora, the leading provider of B2B intent data, today announced that the two companies are partnering to bring full-funnel marketing to B2B advertisers.

According to Outsell’s Annual Advertising and Marketing Study, U.S. B2B digital marketing will grow to more than $83 billion this year.  “This partnership ensures that the same tools used by B2C marketers are available to B2B Account-Based Marketers,” said Dstillery CEO Tom Phillips.

The partnership pairs Dstillery’s machine-driven audience creation, delivery and optimization with Bombora’s proprietary business Intent data to deliver a programmatic solution that lets business marketers find and reach companies that are in active research mode for specific products. Bombora tracks the online research behavior of 1.3* million businesses, and is able to identify when a prospective customer is actively interest in specific B2B topics.  This information is paired with Dstillery’s prospecting data to provide deeper insights into the audiences targeted by B2B marketers.

“As business marketers rush to embrace Account-Based Marketing (ABM), successful B2B media campaigns won’t just reach companies, they will reach only the right target companies – those that are in active research mode,” said Greg Herbst, VP of Programmatic Data Solutions at Bombora.

Analytics plays an important role in this partnership, allowing B2B marketers to understand the success of their campaign in terms of the professional attributes of the targeted business users (e.g., company size, employees, industry, job function, seniority). The additional analytics insight delivered by Dstillery and Bombora will help make the case for always-on programs by driving additional business impact at an account level. For advertisers, there is a huge advantage in being able to activate non-intuitive segments based on who is reaching the advertiser’s site and being able to talk to these same audiences across multiple channels. This partnership directly addresses this opportunity.

*Figures as at Q3 2016 (average of monthly figures from July to September)