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Demand Gen Report – Supercharging B2B inbound with better site personalization and analytics

January 29, 2016

Driven by change in B2C behavior and expectations, site personalization has become critically important in the B2B sphere. Presenting visitors with relevant content can turn a marketer’s website into a lead machine and deliver a greater return on investment.

Until recently, marketers have been able to do two things in an effort to personalize and convert inbound users. They can ‘detect a known user’ (a visitor that’s been to their site before or that they’ve already captured via marketing automation) and/or use domain-level data to determine what company a site visitor is from, and then tailor content to their particular industry or vertical.

Marketers can now leverage Intent data through various tools that allows them to understand exactly what a visitor’s top area of interest is. Just as significant, marketers can also understand the specific job function of the visitor (e.g. a marketing versus an IT professional).

The moment a visitor arrives to a site; marketers can tell what topic is most likely to engage them. Tracking the anonymous behavior (intent) of a user and in turn the job function of that user has taken the roof off personalization - often delivering overlap rates of close to 50%.

From an analytics perspective, understanding the intent topics and job functions of site visitors can also drive more robust content marketing strategy.

These new data points mean better results for marketers in bridging the gap from the demand of the business buyer and supply of content and solutions, and ultimately drives a better user experience.

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