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6sense and Bombora form an exclusive partnership to provide the industry’s first Integrated predictive marketing platform

July 9, 2015

Solution combines account and contact-level predictive intelligence to power real-time ad targeting

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - July 08, 2015) - 6sense, the leading full-funnel predictive intelligence engine for B2B marketing and sales, and Bombora, the premier provider of demographic and intent data solutions for leading B2B marketers worldwide, today announced an exclusive partnership to provide the industry's first integrated predictive account- and contact-based marketing solution. Companies will use predictive intelligence to operationalize account-based marketing and contact profile targeting for digital display campaigns.

"6sense and Bombora customers will have the ability to customize segments to target companies, and the right contacts within those companies, throughout the sales funnel," said Amanda Kahlow, CEO and founder of 6sense. "ABM adoption is on the rise because organizations need to better align sales and marketing to focus on the highest-valued accounts. By integrating predictively scored companies, and key contacts within those companies into campaigns as a single solution, we help our customers reach the right prospects with relevant content, at scale, with no extra work on their part."

The integrated solution automates predictively scored companies and contact profiles into campaigns by buying stage and serves relevant ads related to the products they are in market to purchase, as indicated by 6sense data. 6sense's predictive engine generates a list of companies and contacts with high intent to purchase, and that list is dynamically delivered to Bombora's platform which then creates a targetable segment of users from those companies by the ideal buyer profile (job role, title, or department) as scored by 6sense. Then the custom segment is automatically deployed for programmatic ad targeting. 6sense and Bombora customers will be able to seamlessly target in-market accounts and the most relevant buyer profiles within the account.

"6sense aligns sales and marketing by identifying their customers' activity at each buying stage on their journey to conversion," said Erik Matlick, CEO and co-founder of Bombora. "Our partnership integrates the 6sense predictively scored companies, and we then operationalize ABM and enable programmatic targeting of new companies and contacts that are showing intent in the same buying stage."

Through this first-of-its-kind platform integration, joint customers will benefit from a continuous improvement of their data and deeper insights about the full lifecycle of their customers, and target with unprecedented accuracy the right company and the right contact. As buyers interact with customers' campaigns or take actions on the greater B2B Web, those intent signals will be folded back into the predictive intelligence platform. This dynamic feature ensures that messaging is cohesive and updated in real time based on buyers' needs. For example, when sales reps call on prospects at the purchase stage, those prospects would automatically be served ads with messaging and offers relevant to the purchase buying stage.

Industry analyst David Raab, of Raab Associates Inc. said, "Our industry has traditionally focused on building products and user experiences that leverage a company's own data. This partnership is ushering in a new approach by combining internal and external sources to give marketers more complete data on each customer and to automate use of that data."

6sense's rapid rise to market leader in predictive intelligence is attributed to its full-funnel predictive solution, the breadth of its proprietary buyer intent network, and quantifiable results driving exponential growth for its customers. 6sense customers include NetApp, Cisco, CSC, VMware, NetSuite, Lenovo, and other Fortune 1000 technology and manufacturing enterprises.