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A Bombora-Powered Partner

Gain insight into customer buying behavior with Bombora Company Surge® and enable more targeted and timely engagement strategies that drive higher conversions and foster deeper customer relationships.

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Nurturev overview

Nurturev is a comprehensive revenue intelligence platform designed to optimize sales and revenue generation efforts. By integrating Bombora Intent data with other data sources, Nurturev creates BANT-qualified pipelines that precisely identify sales opportunities. Leveraging Bombora data also provides deeper insights into existing customers and facilitating upsell and cross-sell opportunities for expanded revenue.


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How does Nurturev use Intent data?

  1. Pinpoint Sales Opportunities:
    By integrating Bombora Intent data alongside other insights, Nurturev precisely identifies sales opportunities, ensuring sales teams focus on prospects with the highest propensity of conversion rather than chase dead-end deals
  2. Tailored Revenue Strategies:
    Nurturev combines Bombora Company Surge® Intent data with additional insights to craft tailored sales strategies, empowering clients to prioritize leads/customers effectively and optimize conversion rates based on a comprehensive understanding of customer intent
  3. Enhanced Customer Insights:
    Leveraging Company Surge® Intent data as part of a holistic approach, Nurturev provides enriched customer insights, uncovering upsell and cross-sell opportunities within the existing customer base to drive revenue expansion

Key benefits of using Nurturev along with Bombora Company Surge® Intent data

  • Enriches Nurturev’s robust pool of data with world-class Intent data
  • Creates pipelines for revenue teams, clearly pinpointing what to sell and to whom
  • Enhances Nurturev’s platform capabilities to deliver high-value account insights

Nurturev powered by Bombora benefits both hunting and farming reps, enabling them to pursue the right opportunities and accurately assess their potential. This empowers clients to tailor their sales strategies effectively, prioritize high-value leads, and drive better results in revenue growth and customer acquisition.

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