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Bombora | Agent3

A Bombora-Powered Partner

Agent3 delivers B2B marketing to engage clients’ critical growth, revenue and key customer challenges. We deploy ABM, pipeline, and GTM transformation programs to empower technology enterprises to drive success, at speed and scale.

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Agent3 Overview

We create powerful, creative, end-to-end Account-based marketing programs with measurable impact using Bombora Company Surge® Intent data and proprietary and applied technology services. Through our programs, we identify and influence decision-makers, build stronger relationships, close opportunities quicker, and generate a greater return for mutual customers.


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How does Agent3 use Intent data?

  1. Intent-powered audience modeling: Identify and model your ideal customer audience with precision using intent-powered identification techniques such as Bombora Company Surge®.
  2. Drive demand: Enhance your demand generation program through intent-powered account prioritization and targeting for maximum value.
  3. Improve outbound response rates: Gain comprehensive insights with in-depth account and stakeholder profiling before initiating sales engagement.



What are the benefits of this?

  1. Optimize media targeting and strategy using Bombora Company Surge® Intent data for higher response and sales impact.
  2. Enhance lead quality and sales productivity with responsive ABM and strategic account intelligence.
  3. Boost sales and ROI with targeted, intent-driven campaigns and efficient resource allocation.

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