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Bombora and 6sense: Taking intent-powered insights to the next level

What if you could receive actionable recommendations that tell you what it will take to convert potential customers into lifelong accounts? We’re thrilled to announce that, thanks to an improved partnership between Bombora and 6sense, you’ll now be able to do just that.

6sense is now offering a sample of our proprietary Company Surge® Intent data to all subscribers at no additional charge i.e. free to every current user of the 6sense platform. This new collaboration creates a full-funnel predictive analytics engine that takes the guesswork out of funnel conversion. Not to mention, 6sense customers who are ready for a more robust insights platform can now take advantage of a discounted Company Surge® license offer.  

Using Company Surge® combined with the 6sense account engagement platform allows you to:

  • Create dynamic audience segments to enable targeting with precision, and to accounts that are looking for a solution like yours 
  • Identify new in-market target accounts to go after 
  • Refine predictive models to better tailor your users’ experience to their buying stage
  • Understand which accounts have the highest propensity to buy
  • Get actionable recommendations to improve top prospect engagement

How useful can this new integration be for your business? Don’t take our word for it, ask Casey Carey, CMO of Kazoo. His team has access to unthrottled Company Surge® in 6sense, and:

“With the combined solution we’ve increased the number of in-market accounts identified by 15%, seen a 20% increase in accounts converting from the predicted Purchase stage to pipeline opportunity, and increased our lead-to-win rate by 14%, which is game-changing.” 

For your own organization, you can expect results like:

  • 15% more in-market target accounts that were previously unidentified
  • A 20% lift in the predictiveness of which “purchase” accounts will convert into pipeline opportunities. 

Bombora Company Surge® to your 6sense account engagement platform helps you achieve predictable revenue growth

Company Surge® Intent data can now be fully integrated into 6sense features, making it easier than ever to marry data and account engagement. Having access to more intent-powered insights will help your business identify which accounts are currently researching products or services like yours. We use Intent signals that are based on subject-based content consumption to help businesses like yours better identify which leads are researching you and have a better likelihood of conversion.

Account Readiness

6sense’s AI-driven models help marketers understand where target accounts are in their buying journey. With Company Surge® Intent data, you’ll get additional high intent accounts added into your segments, and a more accurate prediction of which ones will convert from the ‘purchase’ stage to sales pipeline, making 6sense and Bombora a powerful stack combo.


6sense gives marketers the ability to automate critical workflows for engaging target accounts through a variety of digital channels. With the new Company Surge® integration, you’ll have insights that can be activated so that you’ll know which messages resonate the most.

How to get started with Company Surge® Intent data in your 6sense account

Getting access to a huge platform like Company Surge® can get overwhelming for any marketer, so here are a few recommendations for how to best utilize its capabilities:

  1. Start with creating dynamic ABM segments based on intent – Create different audiences based on your needs. Whether it’s for sales engagement, social media advertising, marketing automation, or website personalization, you’ll now be able to finely tune your marketing plan to work across multiple platforms.
  2. Study the predictive in-market buyer funnel for your business – 6sense’s Predictive Model is now even more robust thanks to our Company Surge® Intent signals. Now you’ll be able to view how your target accounts move through the buying journey and accounts that are in-market which have yet to be tapped.
  3. Understand which messages will convert – 6sense’s timeline of account engagement gives every marketer better insight into the interests their accounts have. Now with Company Surge®, you’ll be able to understand not only what the Intent topics of interest are, but also how you can use them to create content that engages the account on a more bespoke level. Even better, the timelines created will sync directly to your Salesforce account, allowing sales and marketing to work together on the same accounts.
  4. Create better engagement strategies – You’ll now have access to improved automation triggers that touch digital ads, emails, sales outreach, and more so that you’ll be able to automatically deliver the messages that are relevant to the stage of your accounts buying journey, as well as their profile fit. 

Ready to get started? You can learn more about Company Surge® here or just log into your 6sense account to see the new features and data ready for you to use.