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‘Biggest little city in the world’ uses Company Surge® Intent data to expand startup ecosystem

May 16, 2018

“We tried social media ads, landing pages and Facebook, we were getting nowhere. But when we started using Company Surge® Intent data, people responded. Some even told us, ‘Hey, it’s great to hear from you — we were just considering relocating.” – Doug Erwin, SVP, Entrepreneurial Development, EDAWN.

The Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada (EDAWN) needed help attracting startups to relocate to Reno. Unlike other major cities across the US, Reno offers more benefits to startups than most realize. There is no corporate or personal income tax, it’s less congested than most urban areas and very close to Lake Tahoe. However, EDAWN had to create an approach to express these benefits to young and growing businesses currently looking for a new space.

Speaking to our Co-Founder, Rob Armstrong, Doug realized he could leverage these insights from Company Surge® Intent data to find what businesses were actively interested in the area. Using a combination of Company Surge Intent data and an existing email list, EDAWN prioritized 2,800 businesses that were identified as the best targets. After EDAWN reached out, those emails turned into 26 active leads, of which six have actually visited Reno.

CEO of Ario Brian Hoskins is an executive whose company was expanding, yet he hadn't considered  Reno as a city to grow the business. Company Surge® Intent data indicated Ario was interested in relocating, and EDAWN used these insights to reach out to him.

“I was happy to receive Doug’s email — it was certainly timely. We’re not yet sure where we’ll open our new office, but Reno has certainly moved toward the top, whereas before Doug and Bombora, it hadn’t been on our list at all,” Hoskins said.

Usually used for sales and marketing of B2B products and services, EDAWN's usage of Company Surge® Intent data show its versatility. After all, if you want to attract the next Amazon, you need to use the kinds of tools Amazon uses!

Parts of this post were first published on PR Newswire.