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Pinpoint an accurate view of what content your target audience is interested in, the companies that are researching the content, and the best employees to reach out to.

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Using Company Surge® Intent data with Lead411

Lead411 overview

Lead411 is a leading B2B data provider that allows customers to research, download and export the best leads and businesses to prioritize. 

Find verified emails, mobile direct dials, business data, and more through an easy-to-use feature rich platform. Refine your outreach with lead scoring and Intent data to see details like recently funded businesses, hiring plans, and new business locations.


How does Lead411 use Intent data?

  1. Intent Scoring – Lead411 customers can filter prospects based on Bombora Intent topics and Company Surge® scores to easily find businesses that are actively looking for specific solutions/services.
  2. Decreased Churn – Users can track topics based on specific competitor names so you can identify when your customers might be looking for other solutions within your industry before they churn.
  3. Lead Scoring –  Businesses are ranked based on their growth indicators. Combining Lead Scoring with Company Surge® Scores allows you to see the businesses that are growing and specifically looking for customer solutions/services. 


What are the benefits of Company Surge® Intent data with Lead411?

Automatically filter and find the best prospects that have specific needs that you provide solutions for.

Segmentation of multiple Bombora Intent topics to reveal what to use for your specific marketing and sales campaigns.

Use lead scoring and Bombora Intent to maximize your efforts at starting a valuable conversation.

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