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Bombora | Enlyft

A Native Integration

Intent data and sales intelligence surface the right accounts and decision makers to reach out to.

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Enlyft Overview

Enlyft is a B2B account intelligence platform that provides real-time account insights, including firmographic information, technology usage, purchase Intent, and more.

As a Native Integration partner, Enlyft offers its customers a portion of Company Surge® to sample for free, and allows Bombora customers to access their full data volume directly in Enlyft.


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How can Intent data be used in Enlyft?

  1. Discover who is in a buying cycle – Determine which accounts are most likely to make a purchase, with Bombora’s Company Surge® data layered onto your target account lists.
  2. Prioritize account outreach – Focus sales and marketing on the accounts indicating active interest in specific products or solutions like yours.
  3. Connect with relevant messages – Combine Enlyft’s account insights with Intent topics to better communicate your value to prospects.

What are the benefits of this?

  • Align sales and marketing efforts to capture your target audience’s attention
  • Improve sales team efficiency, leading to accelerated sales cycles and an increased win rate
  • Better understand your target audience and engage them with relatable and timely messages

"By enabling customers to identify the accounts that are a good fit for their solution, as well as understand those that are indicating purchase intent, they can focus their sales and marketing efforts on the right businesses at the right time."

Lokesh Dave CEO and founder at Enlyft

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