B2B Agencies

Improving results for clients

Content creation & distribution

Winning with content is harder than ever

The days of creating content and having it take off virally based on quality are gone. Content marketing is now part of every single brand strategy. And thus business buyers are overwhelmed by content both relevant and less so. Without hard data on what topics are actually of interest and being consumed right now, content marketers leave their investment to chance.

Intent data improves content development and delivery

Company SurgeTM tells you by target companies, which topics are most relevant based on increased consumption against a historical baseline. Create and deliver content based on the topics that your target business audience is consuming across the entire B2B web.


Content marketers, editorial teams, content managers


Directly via the Bombora interface or via direct integration partners like GetSmartContent, LookBookHQ, Uberflip, Adobe, Taboola and Outbrain.


+20% increases in onsite engagement, +20% increases in content syndication KPIs

Business audience segmentation & targeting

B2B advertising is out of the ABM loop

B2B brands have embraced account-based sales & marketing en masse. However, the media plan is mostly disconnected. Advertising is chosen by site or broad audience segment, rather than delivering ads only to those target accounts that sales is focused on.

Build audience segments with Intent data

Build audience segments based on company name, location, size, functional area, seniority and content interest via all major programmatic platforms.


Programmatic agencies, media agencies with B2B clients, in-house media teams at B2B Brands


Use the Bombora interface and push to activation partners like Eyeota, The Trade Desk, Oracle Data Cloud, Media Math


20-40% increase in performance metrics for display advertising

Audience verification

How do you know if you are delivering ads to your client's target companies?

There is a proliferation of data for ad targeting, but reporting back on the delivery of that data is rare. For business-to-business advertisers, understanding which companies were actually shown ads is critical for accurate reporting and optimizing campaign performance.

Deliver clients proof of audience targeting success

Report on the accuracy of your Account-Based Marketing (ABM) and audience-targeted campaigns with insights for your ‘on-target’ reach and impressions against your target company list. This allows you to analyze media partners and campaigns with an account-based view. You can further connect your media campaigns to sales opportunities, assigning proper credit.


Digital media agencies with B2B clients, publisher and media companies wishing to show audience quality & campaign effectiveness


Use the Bombora interface to upload an account list and generate a tag to place in campaign creative


% of impressions delivered to target companies, number of on-target and off-target companies reached, unique users and impressions by company over time