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Listen as Cloudera’s Senior Director of Demand Generation, Heather Sutherland describes how she uses Bombora’s Company SurgeTM data across sales, marketing and advertising.

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Find out how Demand-Driven ABM is the next wave, see industry surge trend data in action and follow the latest partner news

EverString and Bombora partner to combine AI and Intent data

Find out how the combined impact of Everstring's self-service AI and proprietary Intent data provided by Bombora will help B2B marketing and sales teams to spend less time figuring out which accounts to pursue, and more time closing deals.

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Infographic - What's 'surging' in marketing?

Together with the Aberdeen Group, Bombora introduces 'The Surge' infographic to provide marketers with insights about topics across select industries to help propel engagement and conversation with prospects and customers.

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We're looking for a radical Revenue Accountant

Overview  Bombora is looking for a highly energetic professional who is detail-oriented and analytical with a background in accounting or a related field to join our New York-based Finance team. A passionate and effective communicator, the Revenue Accountant will act as a representative of the...

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