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Find out how you can implement Intent data based on who you are.

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Hear how Salesforce’s Head of Demand Generation and Paid Digital – Americas, Ben Howell describes how he uses Bombora’s Company Surge® data across sales, marketing and advertising.

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Find out how Demand-Driven ABM is the next wave, see Company Surge® trend data in action and follow the latest partner news

EverString and Bombora partner to combine AI and Intent data

Find out how the combined impact of Everstring's self-service AI and proprietary Intent data provided by Bombora will help B2B marketing and sales teams to spend less time figuring out which accounts to pursue, and more time closing deals.

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Using Intent data to drive content and Account-Based Marketing

Content marketing has snowballed from a tactic to a trend to an industry. Desperate marketers are on the hunt for a competitive edge to increase the relevance of their content and grab the attention of overwhelmed B2B buyers. Enter Intent data. Download our free report now.

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Ride the Intent data waves with us

As the leading provider of B2B Intent data, Bombora has been quickly established as a company of innovators and disruptors - come ride the wave with us!

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Bombora is built on an 'everybody wins' philosophy. And thus have built an extensive network of partners that can make implementation of our Intent data easy and effective. Find one now.

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