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Exterro | Case Study

Exterro discovers multimillion-dollar sales opportunities using Company Surge®

Exterro is a fully integrated legal governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) platform that enables clients to address their regulatory, compliance, and litigation risks more effectively at lower costs. Trusted as a leader in legal software, Exterro generates thousands of marketing qualified leads (MQLs) monthly with three-year average contracts and $50 million+ deal sizes.

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Knowing that all MQLs are not created equal and resources are finite, Exterro needed to prioritize MQLs for marketing engagement and sales outreach. Furthermore, missing an enterprise account in an active buying cycle has significant consequences, and in Exterro’s industry, could result in waiting three years for the opportunity to resurface and over $50 million in lost revenue.


Exterro selected the Company Surge® with the Salesforce and LinkedIn integrations. Through these two integrations, Exterro coordinated an Account-Based Marketing approach with target businesses. Using a sales intelligence dashboard in Salesforce that combines Company Surge® and G2 Intent data, plus website visitor data from Triblio, sales reps can find out which accounts are interested in Exterro’s products each week — and to what extent. Businesses who had high intent and visited the Exterro website were the highest priority for sales outreach, followed by Company Surge® identified accounts.


After only a few months, Exterro identified several enterprise accounts in an active buying cycle that were previously unknown to them. In fact, many were lost opportunities from previous years.

Exterro also created ten new opportunities with existing customers that were researching other products in their portfolio using Company Surge® data. Ads on LinkedIn using Company Surge® data also saw 2-3X greater click-thru rates than those without.

The Next Phase

Exterro plans to expand activities quickly including: 

  • Identifying whitespace sales opportunities 
  • Reducing churn risk of existing customers researching competitors 
  • Finding cross-sell and up-sell opportunities amongst existing customers 
  • Prioritizing the content areas that are most valuable to prospects based on Intent topic interest

“There are these big enterprise businesses we had no idea were shopping. When you put in Company Surge®, the lights come on and you find all these opportunities you didn’t know to go after.”

Download full case study

Rob Thomason Former Director of Sales Operations at Exterro

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