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Continuing to maximize advertiser trust in 2023: Leveraging Intent Data for content partnerships & campaign retention

The publishing landscape in 2023 continues to change as media businesses become more concerned about where their advertising dollars are going. As a publisher, ensuring you understand and analyze your audiences is critical to providing advertisers with the reassurance they need to continue advertising with you. 

However, keeping advertisers goes beyond simply proving value. There are many options for advertisers to place their dollars; making sure they continue to choose you requires building new and deepening existing client relationships. 

The latest Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Bombora illustrates the value of building relationships and how to do so. The representative organization saw $4.35 million in benefits against a mere $1 million in costs. This translates to an astounding net present value (NPV) of $3.35 million and an ROI of 335%.

Critical to building lasting client relationships is incorporating planning for content partnerships and digital campaign retention. These, combined with providing top-notch audience analytics, can develop and maintain client relationships.

Driving value-added content through partnerships

At this point in marketing research, it is very clear that in order for content to be valuable and engaging, it needs to be strategic and well-crafted. 

However, not any content will do. The content that performs best is content supported by research, analytics, and a clear understanding of the targeted audiences’ pain points. In fact, in a study, 53% of respondents found focusing on higher value-added content increased their funnel growth. As a publisher, you need to analyze your audiences; when you do that, you can provide these insights to advertisers.

With this ‘inside knowledge’, you can provide advertisers with a leg up on the competition. If they know how to target their content to address the pain points of their targeted audience, the likelihood of that content seeing a greater ROI is higher.

The Forrester TEI report illustrates the success publishers have experienced for advertisers. By leveraging Bombora’s Intent data, publishers have been able to share what topics are really spiking in terms of intent and provide content recommendations to address those topics. 

Leveraging data to support digital campaign retention 

With Bombora, your sales and operations teams can visualize data and distribute insights. In conjunction with content partnerships, leveraging this data provides a foundation to continue to develop your advertiser relationships. For increased results, investing in Bombora’s additional services can help derive even deeper insights.

By taking a closer look at consumption data and audience insights with Intent data provided by Bombora, you can show advertisers exactly where their target audiences are looking and what they’re reading — providing a valuable partnership likely to drive an ROI for advertisers and leading to retained business for publishers.

Using data derived in both pre- and post-renewal conversations can also help your organization improve retention. Digging deeper into business-focused audiences and providing advertisers with data-based recommendations (such as which sponsorships to offer based on placements on your site), will provide your advertisers with different types of audiences to target and potentially increase campaign KPI achievement.


Delivering increased ROI with Bombora 

Intelligent insights from Bombora’s Company Surge®️ — a type of Intent data — provide publishers with a highly scalable way to identify and track business audiences both firmographically and behaviorally. By doing so, you can optimize your content strategies, and enhance and prove your value to advertisers and customers to grow.

In addition to identifying demographic and firmographic metrics, Bombora’s Company Surge®️ identifies accounts actively researching relevant topics, enabling publishers to provide their customers with insight on a more valuable content marketing strategy and the right advertising tactics, which results in a higher campaign ROI.

Bombora’s Data Cooperative helps to understand and showcase your business audiences to advertisers. With granular data about visitors’ profiles, interests, and purchase intent, Bombora helps publishers like you obtain the information you need to convince advertisers your publication is the right one for attracting their respective target audiences.

Our unwavering commitment to data privacy has earned us a stellar ranking by Neutronian, placing us in the top 10% percentile with a remarkable score of 102 in the privacy and compliance category — significantly higher than the average score of 55.7. 

In addition to providing the Intent data itself, Bombora also offers data enrichment and insights solutions that include guidance on data strategy and analysis, as well as additional insights and ad hoc content support.

Bombora Informa Seatrade Maritime Intent data case study

“We’d always thought that digitalization was really cool and people loved that topic, but Bombora’s data proved it was ‘regulation’ they were interested in, so we could pivot messaging and content production toward that,” said Dan Chapman, Informa’s Group Content and Digital Marketing Manager. 

Bombora is the Intent data provider every publishing team needs to support growth and advertiser retention.

Ready to improve advertiser relationships and deliver greater ROI results? Check out the most recent TEI report to learn more.

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