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Grow an ABM pipeline that matters the most to your bottom line – using Company Surge® & RollWorks

In an effort to make ABM pipeline growth attainable for businesses of all sizes, Starter package holders can now test Intent data for FREE in the RollWorks’ account-based management platform. The combined solutions help B2B teams align B2B sales and marketing strategies to connect with their top prospects faster, especially those most valuable to their ABM pipeline. 

With B2B marketers under pressure to target and personalize at scale in just about every marketing operation they execute, Account-based Marketing (ABM) comes across as table stakes for B2B teams these days. Marketing professionals are showing increased dedication to being more sustainable, efficient, and effective with their approach by focusing on capturing prospects with the highest propensity to buy.

It comes down to creating the perfect combo of behavioral data and marketing stack performance, but achieving that symbiosis isn’t always one-size-fits-all. RollWorks has recognized the need for ABM to become more accessible to teams and businesses of all sizes which has led to an expanded partnership with Bombora. As a part of RollWorks leading the charge in account-centric data and platform development, ALL RollWorks customers can now access Bombora’s Company Surge® Intent data within their Rollworks user interface.

The Bombora-Rollworks power combo: What’s in it for you?

RollWorks is an Account-Based Platform that helps B2B organizations center their sales and marketing efforts around the highest priority and most valuable accounts. With the addition of Bombora’s Intent data into RollWorks in 2020, that became increasingly simple for RollWorks premium users. 

Now, RollWorks customers of every level can access Company Surge®, to add accounts that are doing relevant business research across the B2B web, to their advertising audiences. As a Bombora-Powered partner, RollWorks offers varying amounts of Intent data to its Starter, Standard, Professional, and Ultimate package customers. The data is accessible in the platform’s Identification feature, called Account Intent.

With Account Intent embedded into every platform users’ instance, bringing Company Surge® Intent data into an existing ABM program can be done with ease. Natively within the Rollworks platform, Bombora users can select Intent topics* from the taxonomy that relates to their business, products, and services. Once Intent topics are chosen, accounts that are showing elevated interest (i.e. buyer intent) for those business-relevant topics will surface. Accounts can be sorted by levels of interest to dictate various engagement tactics. 

Ultimately, RollWorks users can spend more efficiently with intent-driven advertising and have higher-fit, engaged, and interested accounts added to their targeting universe. For businesses that wish to select more Intent topics than what is offered through RollWorks, Bombora’s ABM Partner Package unlocks your data limitations in the platform and offers portability to other systems of record where workflows already exist. 

Using Bombora Company Surge® in RollWorks 

With RollWorks primarily being a top-of-funnel advertising platform, the core use cases of Bombora and RollWorks are focused on optimizing digital advertising.  

  1. Advance your competitive advantage and find accounts in early buying stages — Bombora monitors account intent across thousands of properties on the B2B web, so you can uncover interested accounts before they even interact with your brand, website, or organization. 
  2. Prioritize accounts —Data-backed methods find accounts for you, to give sales and marketing a common, prioritized account list to work with.
  3. Create relevant messaging aligned with intent  — Your targeted ad campaigns and sales outreach should feature messaging aligned to the Intent topics your accounts are interested in.
  4. Optimize budget allocation with smarter targeting — Increase ABM program ROI when you reach out to accounts that you know are in the market for a new product or solution. 

How to get started 

Existing RollWorks customers 

It’s easy to sample Company Surge® Intent data with the embedded data volume in your package. To get started with Account Intent Navigate to Identify > Target Accounts > Account Intent. Then select ‘Edit Topics’. Lastly, Select your Intent topics and ‘Save’.

In this instance, your Intent data will be accessible only inside of the RollWorks platform, and you will not be able to export specific Company Surge® insights. To expand on your success in RollWorks and adopt an intent-based approach across your entire tech stack—get in touch with us for details on ABM Partner Package special pricing for RollWorks customers.

Existing Bombora customers
If you’re in need of a top-of-funnel account engagement platform, get in touch with your Bombora Customer Success Manager to learn about activating Bombora in RollWorks. We’ll help you evaluate your ABM needs and give you a warm introduction to our partner. 

New to Bombora and RollWorks

Schedule a demo and we’ll get you in the loop on building a buyer-led ABM program with RollWorks and Bombora.

*Topic allotments vary by package type. For access to additional Bombora Intent topics in RollWorks, contact us for special pricing on an unlimited amount of Company Surge®.