Turbonomic driving email conversion and high quality sales conversations

Increasing email conversion

Turbonomic leverages Company Surge for EmailTM to generate increases in email conversion and drive high-quality sales conversations.

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Bombora Case Study - Turbonomic

Turbonomic's journey

Bombora Case Study - Turbonomic


Enterprise cloud and virtualization software company, Turbonomic (formerly VMTurbo), enables its customers to manage their workload on any infrastructure, anywhere, anytime. Launched in 2010, Turbonomic is one of the fastest growing technology companies in the virtualization and cloud space.

Bombora Case Study - Turbonomic


Having been successful in growing its database rapidly, Turbonomic wanted more insights about its audience to move past the ‘batch and blast’ nature of its email marketing campaigns to an approach that would effectively and efficiently prioritize sales.



Using Company Surge for EmailTM, Turbonomic identified and segmented target individuals in its database who were demonstrating greater intent on specific topics related to its business, allowing it to provide relevant content.



Turbonomic conducted an A/B email campaign through Marketo, sending an email to contacts demonstrating active intent for ‘cloud-as-a-service’ and a control group.

After using Company Surge for EmailTM, Turbonomic was able to demonstrate an increase in email conversion KPIs, drive qualified opportunities for its sales team, and determine more efficient prioritization of MQLs. It also identified opportunities to re-engage its audience across different stages of the customer journey.

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Everybody wins with Bombora

Whether you're a B2B marketer, agency, publisher, or partner, Company Surge for Email™ delivers a boost to your contact profiles by enriching them with relevant and timely Intent data so you can send better emails and generate better responses.

B2B Sales and Marketing

Re-engage with dormant contacts and drive new opportunities for sales.

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Partner with clients to focus email programs and Account Based Marketing initiatives on businesses demonstrating intent on relevant topics.

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Enrich your ad products with the power of B2B Intent data to deliver more targeted campaigns for your advertising partners.

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What is Company Surge for Email™?

Company Surge for Email™ delivers a boost to your contact profiles by enriching them with relevant and timely Intent data so you can send better emails and generate better responses.

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