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‘Mull’ over content marketing

A dash of data, a heap of heat

The long, storied history of mulling wine has become a staple of winter traditions, as much as cozy fireplaces and bear-skin rugs. This holiday favorite has captivated imbibers since the middle ages; now it’s your turn to cozy up with a glass of mulled wine by a fireplace and listen as B2B marketers from LinkedIn, Snowflake, and Citrix “mull” over how to align content in an account-based and non-linear journey. Watch the video on-demand today!

In this recorded webinar session, intended for marketing and content strategists at B2B brands, we discuss:

  • Content’s role in an account-based world
  • Aligning content experience with a non-linear buyer’s journey
  • The role of data in developing better content and messages