Company Surge for Email™

Email just got better

Most marketing automation data is outdated and provides little help when it comes to segmenting your audience or personalizing offers based on your prospect’s current interests. Company Surge for EmailTM delivers a boost to your contact profiles by enriching them with relevant and timely Intent data so you can send better emails and generate better responses.


Put Intent data to work

Your marketing automation platform is the hub for everything marketing. Power it with Intent data to augment email programs, personalize offers and landing pages.


Smarter nurture campaigns

Enrich your contact profiles with data that helps you segment and re-engage dormant contacts for nurture campaigns. Company Surge for EmailTM arms you with the knowledge of which target prospects are interested in what topics so you effectively segment your email audience, create timely content that makes an impact, and build deeper relationships to move prospects through the sales funnel.


Personalize contact engagement

All contacts in your database are not created equal. Some are actively researching topics related to your products, while others will likely never make a purchase, so why deliver them the same offers? Company Surge for EmailTM helps you customize engagement and offers based on the topics that your contacts are interested in and the intensity of that consumption, so you can drive better responses to your email programs.

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Integrated with leading marketing automation platforms

Want a seamless integration with your marketing automation platform? Bombora has partnered with leading marketing automation platforms, including Marketo, to seamlessly surface Company Surge® data directly into your marketing workflows. Leverage Company Surge® to align your nurture programs, augment lead or account scoring models, and orchestrate your account based marketing initiatives.

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Everybody wins with Bombora

Whether you're a marketer or an agency, Company Surge for Email™ helps you better segment your contacts and deliver personalized messages that make a greater impact.

B2B Sales and Marketing

Re-engage with dormant contacts and drive new opportunities for sales.

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B2B Agencies

Partner with clients to focus email programs and account-based marketing initiatives on businesses demonstrating intent on relevant topics.

Surf's Up

Customer testimonial

By using Company Surge for Email™, we're seeing an increase in training registration. And we are seeing less opt out, because we're sending emails that are relevant to some sort of cycle or buying cycle that an account is in.

Kristen Wendell-Marketing Operations-Version One

Kristin Wendel

Version One, Marketing Operations Director

Customer success

Find out how Bombora's customers have used Company Surge for Email™ to generate sales and marketing success.

Bombora Case Study - Turbonomic

Company Surge for Email™ generates 36% lift in email conversions and drives high quality sales conversations for Turbonomic.

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Bombora Case Study - Turbonomic

Cloudera uses Intent data to drive hyper-targeted Account-Based Marketing. Cloudera attributes more than 30 significant business deals to the use of Intent data for targeting.

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Industry West

Bombora's Intent data fuels account-based creative resulting in 16X greater campaign engagement for Industry West compared to industry benchmarks.

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Test drive Intent data for free with Company Surge® Alerts. Know what topics and which target accounts are interested in your business, and use relevant content in your email campaigns to drive opportunities through the funnel.

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