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Intent insight: What content is trending for #SDSummit 2019?

April 23, 2019

Company Surge® Intent insights reveals that the busiest sessions at #SDSummit will be those topics geared toward 'Portfolio Marketing', 'Sales and Marketing Executives' and 'Demand Marketing'. But it's not all about the content, with 47% of attendees interested in martech vendor brands.

With the SiriusDecisions Summit (#SDSummit) only two weeks away, we thought it would be interesting to see what topics were top of mind for previous attendees.

The top three #SDSummit agenda topics with the most interest were, ‘Portfolio Marketing’, ‘Sales & Marketing Executives’*, and ‘Demand Marketing’.

The specific Intent topics that topped the list included:

Intent Topic % of Intent
topic interest
Agenda cluster
‘Customer Journey’ 38% ‘Customer Engagement’
‘Sales Revenue’ 31% ‘Sales & Marketing Executive’
‘Audience Measurement’ 28% ‘Demand Marketing’
‘Customer Centricity’ 26% ‘Portfolio Marketing’
‘Revenue Reporting’ 25% ‘Sales & Marketing Executive’
‘Go to Market’ 24% ‘Portfolio Marketing’
‘Customer Segmentation’ 23% ‘Portfolio Marketing’
‘Audience Engagement’ 22% ‘Demand Marketing’
‘Digital Agency’ 21% ‘Advanced Demand’
‘Product Strategy’ 20% ‘Product Management’

We pulled together 14 clusters* consisting of 87 Intent topics representative of the #SDSummit agenda. And used Company Surge® data to examine what the sample of 1016 businesses that previously attended #SDSummit were interested in during the period of 13 to 19 April 2019.

Marketing automation and content experience solutions also top of mind

Beyond taking in all of the content, #SDSummit also presents a great opportunity to learn about all of the latest and greatest martech solutions.

We looked at the interest in the Bombora partners sponsoring #SDSummit that are tracked as Intent topics.

Overall, a whopping 47% of #SDSummit attendees were interested in these vendors, the top three: Marketo, Uberflip and Televerde.

Do these topics align with what you’re looking forward to learning at #SDSummit?

*Please note: Similar agenda categories (e.g. Marketing Executive and Sales Executive) were combined to refine the analysis.