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We’re inside the ‘force’… Salesforce! Bombora’s Company Surge TM data integrated into

October 4, 2016

Data is only as valuable as the outcomes it drives.  And outcomes are only possible when data is accessible and actionable by the right people. Which is why we’re excited to announce that our Surge data will soon be available directly inside of the world’s leading CRM system, Salesforce via its data exchange.

Customers of Salesforce and Bombora will be able to attach the topics that their target audiences are researching (aka ‘surging’ on) directly to the account records within their instance.


At a Dreamforce session this week Heather Sutherland, Senior Director of Demand Generation at Cloudera, highlighted a few of the innovative ways the company is already using Company Surge TM data:

  • Salespeople live inside of Salesforce. They don’t want another platform to learn and log into, it slows down their activity. With Bombora inside of Salesforce, a rep can plan their daily activities and monthly plan based on data that shows an account’s level of interest – focusing on the ‘highest percentage shots’ – and helping them make the right decisions and prioritize their time.
  • Sales Management can use Company Surge TM data to inform territory planning, develop account assignments and manage teams based on insight into what is going on at assigned accounts. By showing account executives what topics are surging for their accounts and SDRS what accounts they should call that day, sales managers have a whole new playbook to coach form.
  • Field marketing can plan supporting events based on prospect interest rather than sales lobbying or ‘instinct’. With Company Surge TM data marketing teams can easily look at the companies, topics and locations against their target account lists and choose the locations and attendees most interested in the content that they want to present. Setting up road shows for the right prospects in right cities makes field marketing a true partner to sales and gives them the data to push back when needed.
  • Account-Based Media targeting – while not normally the realm of CRM - that supports Account-Based Marketing is another board in the surfer’s quiver of the Salesforce integration of Company Surge TM data. Accounts that are demonstrating intent inside of a CRM can be targeted using programmatic targeting with any of Bombora’s partners across display, video or paid social. This means that the account list can be narrowed to target only those companies that are surging (by as much as 75% in some instances as most are not in active research mode) and ads are reaching the same ‘in market’ companies that reps are calling.

Ultimately this connects sales and advertising efforts more closely and elevates media to an extension of customer management.

How can you surf our Company SurgeTM data in Salesforce?

Both Bombora and Salesforce are committed to ensuring the best customer experience possible. With this in mind, the process to enable Bombora in Salesforce will be a similar to how third-party apps are currently activated on the Salesforce app exchange.

Customers will contact Bombora directly to turn on Company SurgeTM data in their Salesforce account. This gives customers complete control over how many Salesforce seats they want to enable and they can also combine this with direct access to Company SurgeTM data via Bombora’s interface.

This direct integration of our data into Salesforce will not only help businesses to accelerate a range of sales and marketing activities but is a leap forward in our mission to align these usually siloed groups through intent data. Company SurgeTM data will be available in Salesforce in early 2017.

Contact us to find how you can activate Intent and Surge data today.



Check out some of the snaps from the Dreamforce session, 'The Future of Data Integration in Salesforce'

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