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Four reasons to love the Marketing Technology Landscape ‘supergraphic’

June 16, 2016

Our founder and CEO Erik Matlick shares his excitement for The Marketing Technology Landscape 'supergraphic'

"Have you seen the ChiefMartec Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic? With 4,800+ marketing technology company logos squeezed onto a single slide, it’s been described as everything from 'terrifying' to 'amazing' to 'headache-inducing.' Who would have thought that the marketing technology ecosystem could grow to be so intimidating? But there is no need be overwhelmed or terrified or intimidated by this slide. Here are four reasons to instead be excited about it." - Erik Matlick for

Now is a great time to be a B2B marketer

There is currently an overabundance of technology as well as data to fuel that technology. Marketers can now narrowly target, engage and convert B2B audiences. 10 years ago most of these marketers were focusing on search and direct ad buys, occasionally participating in blogging.

With MarTech on the rise, there’s a renewed focus on results

For a very long time, marketers were focused on "impressions, reach and scale"; making the process more of an investment into quantity rather than quality. Companies in MarTech focus on the end customer rather than the "middlemen". This directed marketing approach makes B2B marketing much more cost effective compared to the typical method of a mass-non-specific target audience.

Data flows freely

Now that B2B data has entered and intertwined with the market, marketers have access to 'in-market decision makers' like they never have before. This allows such marketers to focus their efforts and actively engage the B2B audience that they are looking to target.

Forget the supergraphic; focus on "The Stackies"

"The Stackies" consists of a contest where marketers (41 to be exact) submit "visuals of their MarTech stacks in a bid to win charity dollars". All of the winners created very strong examples of what a marketing stack is capable of doing. The purpose of this is so that these maps can be used as templates for tech evaluations.

The full article is available on MarTech Today.