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Mmojo Data Marketplace users can access over 90 Bombora Intent topics and append insights to account lists

March 5, 2019

A new wave of data-driven sales and marketing is accessible and seamless to implement; over 90 Intent topics are now available through an integration between Bombora and Mmojo. Intent reports on tap include Bombora Company Surge® Scores, which facilitate users' ability to act on the insights.

With the proliferation of data providers and lack of transparency, service and quality are often compromised in the B2B industry. Access to rich data is becoming increasingly cost prohibitive and challenging for small and medium-sized businesses. Mmojo is one of the leading businesses driving innovation in the way data is accessed and harnessed for B2B organizations. Bombora is pleased to now be a part of the Mmojo Data Marketplace, which enables the use of numerous data vendors from one access point, and to organizations of all sizes.

With the addition of Bombora Intent data, users can view Intent signals across 90 topics, and append Company Surge® scores for the account lists within Mmojo. The visualization shows which accounts are most likely to make a purchase based on their current position in the buyer journey. Thus, enabling sales prioritization and the marketing customization based on the intensity of each Intent signal.

“Bombora Company Surge® Data is based on the content consumption of millions of B2B organizations,” said Bombora VP of Partnerships Dale Durrett. “Mmojo makes that data easily available in a simplified form.”

“Intent Data is ushering in a new wave of B2B data-driven marketing and sales,” explained Mmojo Founder and Managing Partner Hank Weghorst. “By using Intent data, Mmojo Users can identify target accounts in ‘active demand’ mode and customize conversations to drive better marketing results.”

A new model for accessing B2B marketing data

This partnership enables an especially unique approach to make B2B data available to organizations of all sizes, and expanding the target market of data providers.

“Our goal at Mmojo is to introduce a new model for how B2B Marketing Data is sourced, delivered and priced, so it will be accessible to SMB marketing and sales professionals and, at the same time, expand the market for data providers like Bombora,” explained Weghorst.

Weghorst cited three key aspects of the new model: sourcing, delivery, and pricing. This movement towards consolidating B2B data under a single access point makes all three of those mechanisms more seamless. Users agree to a single set of terms that applies to all data providers, it is cross-referenced to avoid duplication of payment, and viewing data products across providers is free.

Bombora is pleased to forge a partnership with a business that is championing the shift towards a consolidated industry with more effective processes.

Parts of this post were first published on PRWeb.