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Engagio and Bombora combine 1st and 3rd-party data to build a holistic account view for smarter, more seamless ABM

November 18, 2019

Coupling Engagio’s 1st-party engagement data with Bombora’s Company Surge® Intent data makes for a more fluid and unified Account Based Marketing workflow across human and automated channels.

Engagio is a B2B marketing engagement software that organizes data across disparate systems to create a single view of accounts. The addition of Company Surge® Intent data marries its 1st-party analytics to 3rd-party insights reported from behaviors observed in Bombora's B2B Data Co-op. By viewing an account’s entire research journey from pre-funnel activity, sales and marketing can sync targeting efforts.

Engagio allows sales users to view when key accounts are researching specific Intent topics, helping them prioritize those with strong intent signals. Additionally, the Intent topic insights can help guide more relevant sales conversations. Marketing spend can also be directed to accounts showing interest. 

“Engagio’s platform helps us monitor and action on our 1st-party intent: engagement on our site, results from marketing campaigns and sales conversations.  Bombora’s Company Surge®  data gives us a much broader view of intent across the B2B internet, identifying interest before the prospective client engages directly with us. 

"Combining these signals within Engagio’s platform will help our prospecting team prioritize the right accounts to convert into sales conversations and eliminate manual work needed to action this data,” said Alex Peterson, Senior Manager of Operations at Ping Identity

Engagio’s customers can use Intent data insights to direct action for sales enablement, marketing automation, and digital advertising to: 

  • Orchestrate omnichannel action: Send a relevant message or ad to an account that’s showing a high Company Surge® Score  
  • Send sales alerts: Trigger a notification to the appropriate sales reps when a target account’s Company Surge® Score is high on a topic that is related to what they sell
  • Cross-sell existing accounts: Generate 'leads' for customer success when accounts show interest in topics related to additional products. As well as, create and activate an audience via ads, sales outreach, marketing campaigns, etc. 
  • Spend more efficiently: Avoid spending money on marketing where it’s unnecessary (e.g. don’t show ads to prospects already engaged on your website)
  • Nurture key accounts: Add prospects to a nurture campaign and accelerate them through the funnel when their interest increases

Freemium and paid options are available through Engagio, with Company Surge® Intent data updating on a weekly basis for both. 

Parts of this post were first published on Business Wire.