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Deep dive into the intent interests of the Redbooks 500 brand and agencies and explore the differences in marketing interest areas of these two groups.


Being ‘on the same page’ and ‘anticipating needs’ is something that many agencies aspire to. While they may build deep and trusted relationships, not being privy to the day-to-day often presents a challenge in anticipating needs.

Using Company Surge® Intent data, Bombora identified the marketing-related topics of most interest to brands in the Redbooks 500 list and major agencies. Together with MediaPost, Bombora has set up the below report to help close the gap in understanding interest and intent between the two.

Trends inspiration through intent

With so many martech and adtech trends and technologies emerging, it’s hard to keep up with what’s hot!

The below chart allows you to explore the full list of selected Intent topics and how they rank for the Redbooks 500 brands and agencies. You can also identify the gaps in interest between the two groups, which may be helpful in getting on the same page.

Discerning intent fads vs. trends

Given the rate of growth within martech and adtech, phenomenal ascension is not uncommon. Also not uncommon is speedy supersession by other newer tech and strategies.

Identifying the difference between ‘a fad’ versus ‘a trend’ is critical, especially considering investment. Longevity of interest offers a way to measure and evaluate this – which the below graphs illustrate and allow you to explore:

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Tips on using the reports

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    – To deselect a selected topic, uncheck its checkbox
    – To select just one topic, hover over it and click ‘ONLY’
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The sample

  • Topics – Bombora identified 323 Intent topics from its Taxonomy based on relevance to media, advertising, and emerging technologies.
  • Brands – The Redbooks 500 is a list of 486 brands across industry and size. Of these there are 478 domains^, 408 of which Bombora tracks.
  • Agencies – Bombora sampled 307 US agencies under six holding companies: WPP, IPG, MDC Partners, Havas, Publicis Groupe, and Dentsu. Of these, there were 269 are unique domains* tracked by Bombora.
  • Dataset – The report refreshes weekly and reports on content consumption data in the US.

^Some brands listed separately have the same domain.
*Some agencies listed have the same domain.