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2X Marketing Overview

2X empowers marketing leaders to transform their operating model and unlock the full potential of their Bombora investment.

Our managed-services model provides best-practice execution with offshore labor economics that delivers marketing scalability, greater impact & efficiency.

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How does 2X Marketing use Intent data?

  1. Intent-Driven Content Production –  Develop and customize timely and relevant content with keywords that match trending intent based on Intent-data insights from Bombora Company Surge®.
  2. Deliver Visibility into Account Engagement in Real-time – Combine 1st and 3rd party Intent data to provide real-time visibility into engaging accounts at different levels to drive the right actions and prioritization across sales and marketing.
  3. Sales Prioritization & Enablement Based on Intent – Ongoing account research by a dedicated data analyst ensures new, relevant accounts are constantly targeted via the Company Surge® list so sales teams can conduct more effective outreach efforts.



What are the benefits of this?

  • Maximize Return on Bombora Investment – 2X serves as an end-to-end partner that helps orchestrate Bombora, make recommendations based on insights extracted, and extend into execution to run intent-driven marketing campaigns at scale based on B2B marketing best practices.
  • Managed Bombora Services: 2X provides our clients with skilled labor, tools, and Bombora software in a turnkey solution to deliver the intent data package as a managed service week in and week out.

"A crucial part of our work with clients involves knowing how to interpret the data that comes in from Bombora, and more importantly, leverage it to optimize our client's campaigns. For example, how can I use that data to determine what's the most suitable content to write or the best audience to market to? That only comes with having hands-on experience, using intent data to achieve client objectives day in, day out."

Jack Lee, 2X Data Analyst

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