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3 ways Bombora’s Intent Data Application Framework fuels all sales use cases and unlocks efficiency

Get ready to supercharge your sales team! Imagine a world where your sales team can effortlessly conquer their biggest challenge of  targeting the most qualified accounts, and delivering the perfect message at precisely the right moment. We have great news! The game-changing Bombora Intent data and application framework is your ticket to sales efficiency as it fuels all sales use cases.

Bombora’s Intent Data Application framework covers Sales, Marketing, GTM Planning, and Measurement applications. Yup, Bombora’s Intent data fuels all B2B use cases but in this blog, we will explore three ways it can be used to optimize the sales process.

Bombora Intent data fuels all uses cases

Bombora’s Intent data fuels all sales use cases

For cutting-edge insights into the B2B buying cycle, look no further than Bombora. In fact, according to Forrester’s recent Wave Report, Bombora’s current offering stands out with exceptional buying cycle analysis, unrivaled accuracy, and a unique approach to capturing B2B intent.

Forrester’s report also highlights Bombora’s Company Surge® methodology as the industry standard for noise filtering, and you can trust our data to deliver precise and actionable insights. What sets Bombora apart is our exclusive Co-op of over 5,000 sites, thanks to exclusive agreements with 87% of these sites. This extensive network ensures you access the most comprehensive and reliable data available.

Whether aiming to uncover hidden opportunities, refine your marketing strategies, or identify potential sales prospects, Bombora empowers you with the data necessary to understand the B2B landscape and stay ahead of the competition.

Company Surge® Signals optimizes sales and marketing processes while increasing sales and revenue by identifying prospects actively researching or showing interest in specific topics. This allows businesses to focus their sales and marketing efforts on those prospects most likely to convert.

Sales use case: Identification of high-priority accounts

Bombora Intent data allows businesses to tap into a wealth of information to identify accounts actively researching or displaying interest in topics directly aligned with their product or service offerings. By identifying these high-priority accounts, businesses no longer need to cast a wide net and hope for the best; now, they can focus their sales efforts on those prospects most likely to convert.

Picture a scenario where you possess the knowledge of which prospects are actively seeking solutions in your industry. Armed with this valuable intel, your sales team can tailor their approach, delivering highly targeted messages that resonate with these prospects’ specific interests and needs. It’s a game-changer that enhances efficiency and effectiveness, maximizing your chances of sealing the deal.

For example, if you are a cybersecurity company, you can use Bombora Intent data to identify accounts researching topics such as data breaches, ransomware, and network security. These accounts would be considered high-priority prospects as they are actively researching topics related to your product.

Colorful illustration showing the various benefits of utilizing intent topics, such as improved lead generation, increased conversion rates, and more targeted marketing campaigns.

Sales use case: Personalize sales outreach

Bombora Intent data can also be used to personalize sales outreach. As a seller, one of the most daunting challenges is determining the right direction for your conversations, particularly when your business offers a range of products or services. By leveraging Bombora’s powerful insights, you can tailor your conversations to align with your prospects’ active research and interests. Imagine the advantage of knowing precisely which topics or specific products your prospects are actively exploring.

Armed with this knowledge, you can steer your conversations, captivate your prospects’ attention, and guide them towards the perfect solution — before your competitor does. This personalization creates an immediate connection, instilling confidence in your prospects that you understand their unique needs.

For example, if you are a business using generic sales pitches, harnessing the power of Bombora Intent data will equip you with the insights needed to craft compelling messages that address your prospects’ specific pain points and business goals.

See how prioritizing sales accounts using Company Surge® Intent data is easy with Bombora in this quick demo video below.

Sales use case: Improve sales efficiency

Businesses can improve their sales efficiency by focusing on high-priority accounts and personalizing sales outreach. SDRs and sales teams can say goodbye to wasted time on low-priority prospects and focus on high-priority prospects, reducing costs while improving revenue.

Additionally, by using intent signals to understand where they are in their journey using their CRM data, businesses can identify prospects further along in the buying journey. This can help sales teams prioritize their outreach and focus on opportunities close to purchasing.

So, unleash the full potential of your sales team with Bombora Intent data. Embrace precision targeting, personalized outreach, and improved efficiency to skyrocket your sales and leave your competition in the dust. The time for revolutionizing your sales process is now, and Bombora is your trusted partner on this journey to success you can actually measure.

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Or if you’re interested in diving right into integrating Bombora Intent data into your sales prioritization efforts, request a demo here and we’ll show you how.

“We can track our digital assets and paid programs, but Intent data gives us the chance to understand what happens outside our reach. It gives us a fuller picture of every lead, contact, and account, and helps us equip sales to pursue deals faster,” said Michael MaddenDirector of Commercial Demand Generation and CoE at Marketo.