Find out how you can activate Intent Data

“Our partnership with Bombora ensures that Lattice Engine customers have access to the largest pipes of B2B intent data. The combination of intent data at scale, along with activity and fit data from the Lattice Data Cloud, allow us to identify the best revenue opportunities for our customers throughout all stages of the sales and marketing funnel.”

Shashi Upadhyay

CEO, Lattice Engines

Aggregate. Organize. Activate.

“Bombora allows us to offer granular interest-based targeting to our advertising partners, as well as next generation post-campaign analytics.”

Ann Marinovich

Vice President, Advertising Strategy, Forbes Media

Bombora delivers Intent Data in three ways

Ad Targeting and Site Optimization

Bombora monitors over 9.3 billion monthly interactions across 408 million unique users. We organize the data into over 2,800 targetable segments, including intent and demographic data. The combination of B2B targeting depth and industry­-leading scale delivers high-performing data for display advertising and content ordering.


Email Segment Builder and Site Analytics

While 75­-95% of a B2B marketer’s database is dormant, Bombora helps them understand how to reactivate and identify sales opportunities. This product allows marketers to create segments of their own prospects that are currently interested in specific topics. Also included is a Google Analytics plug­-in that provides first-of-its-kind insights on the topics being consumed by a marketer’s website audience.



Data Firehose

Bombora’s Firehose Feed is a first-of-its-kind aggregated supply of company-level behavioral interactions mined from across the B2B web. Bombora monitors over 9.3 billion B2B interactions on a monthly basis. Interaction types include users reading articles, downloading white papers, performing searches, etc. Each interaction is associated with up to 10 granular B2B topics, assigned from our 2,500+ level B2B taxonomy.

The daily file has:

  • 4MM – 30MM rows of data
  • 1GB – 12GB file size
  • Over 1.9MM domains monitored across 2,500+ B2B sites.