A cooperative approach to Intent data

Bombora collects an unprecedented amount of B2B Intent data at scale

Real World Business Activity

The B2B buying process often comprises of a team of people across different departments of an organization with different priorities – meaning that their interest can ‘spike’ across a range of areas.


Company Content Consumption

With a wide range of options available, these B2B buying teams often rely on third party content to make their purchasing decisions. This may include activities such as: downloading white papers, attending webinars, sharing articles, registering for specialized information, reading case studies, etc.

In fact, according to a study by the CMO Council and Netline Corporation, 88% of B2B buyers, influencers and researchers believe that online content has played a major to moderate role in their vendor selection.

Publisher Co-op

Recognizing this, we’ve pulled together a Data Co-operative of premium B2B publishers that contribute data about these types of behaviors to our dataset.

Members of this first of a kind consortium get a better understanding of their audience composition, demographics and purchase intent in exchange for sharing anonymous content consumption data. Co-op members deliver improved results for advertisers and can better monetize their own inventory.

B2B Data

From these sites we aggregate the largest source of B2B intent, demographic and firmographic data that provides marketing and sales with a strong indicator of purchase intent.

Spanning more than 2800 intent topics ranging from accounting software and app development to web services and virtualization our dataset includes: company size and revenue, functional area, industry, professional group and seniority.

How Bombora collects Intent data

This data forms the basis of Bombora’s products

Bombora Data Science Model

The scale of our Intent data allows sales and marketing teams to access deep insights across a broad range of B2B areas

Advertisers, agencies and activation partners benefit by applying a source of data that is predictive of purchase and is proven to deliver lift.  They also can align around the use of a single data source to drive both marketing and sales initiatives. The below figures are based on an average for Q3 2016 (July to September).

Bombora Intent Data Scale - Q1 2017

Our Intent data is global

Just as the internet has dismissed traditional geographic boundaries, in order to build the richest source of B2B intent data we are also surfing these ‘waves of intent’ across the world!
Bombora International Reach - Q1 2017