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A new way to ABM: Snowflake’s GTM data-driven team, with Hillary Carpio

Company Surge® Intent data powers all things GTM and ABM at Snowflake

For many businesses, account-based marketing is an approach. But what happens when you combine ABM initiatives into a one-team GTM approach, unifying your marketing and sales for acceleration?

Snowflake unlocked a whole new potential across their revenue team with Intent data infused across everything.

From driving content calendar to partner targeting, and account prioritization to tailoring outreach narrative, Hillary Carpio from Snowflake talks through the nitty-gritty and deep dives into how  Company Surge® Intent data is infused into every GTM and ABM initiative at Snowflake. 

Learn what ABM at Snowflake is really like and their workflows between AE, marketing, and SDR teams that create efficient wins.