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VisiStat, Inc. Partner, Bombora, Inc., Reports a 160% Lift in Behavioral Interactions Across its Intent Network with KickFire Domain2IP API

November 17, 2015

VisiStat®, a cloud-based B2B sales automation company, is pleased to announce its partner, Bombora, has reported an increase of 160% in its ability to map behavioral interactions across its Firehose Feed and account-based marketing (ABM) products since implementing the KickFire™ API as its source for domain to IP resolution. VisiStat’s KickFire API allows Bombora, the largest provider of B2B demographic and intent data for marketers, to accurately identify companies by specific events at massive scale. These events include B2B behavioral interactions that signal buying intent, including users reading articles, downloading white papers and searching on specific products and services.

“KickFire has been the catalyst for the increase in our identification of more than two billion monthly B2B behavioral interactions that we monitor in our Firehose Feed. Prior to implementing KickFire, we were only able to connect 20% of the interactions to a company. In the past few months, we’ve reached 52% – an overall increase of 160%. We even have customers calling to ask why the size of our Firehose has more than doubled. It’s because of KickFire,” says Bombora Co-Founder and Senior Vice President of Product and Technology, Rob Armstrong.

Tina Bean, VisiStat Co-Founder and Vice President of Strategic Business Development, states, “Bombora’s results are a prime example of the critical role our IP to company identification is playing in the success of the Intent, Predictive and ABM markets.”

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