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CMSWire – Using intent data to pull the curious content junkies from your lead pool

March 31, 2016

In a world where content is king, Mike Burton discusses how marketing and sales teams can use intent data to differentiate between curious 'content junkies' and serious prospects.

Marketers often wrack their brains on how to create high-value, relevant content designed to engage and convert target audiences. This is then strategically syndicated to bring in a flood of qualified leads. However, what often comes back is a handful of great leads amid a mess of nowhere-near-ready-to-buy prospects.

Driven through ‘the age of data’ and consolidation of B2B behavior, tremendous amounts of content consumption or intent data is more abundant than ever before. It's this data that will aid in understanding broader content consumption trends and help with identification of ‘real’ leads.

In his article, 'How to pull the curious content junkies from your lead pool', featured on CMSWire, Mike Burton discusses how marketers can use intent data to help them determine which leads are currently in-market, help with routing these for more effective results and for more strategic planning of lead-generation activities.