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RollWorks’ Account Intent helps B2B marketers prioritize and accelerate Account Based Marketing

April 27, 2020

With only 17% of B2B buyers’ time spent engaging with potential suppliers during a purchase cycle, to increase opportunity creation marketers need to understand and implement fit, engagement and intent insights. RollWorks' new Account Intent product provides critical visibility for identifying in-market businesses and is an essential component of a successful account-based strategy.

“With the launch of Account Intent we continue to strengthen the data foundation within the RollWorks Account Based platform. Customers will now be able to integrate fit, engagement, and intent insights into how they prioritize the accounts that matter most," said Justin Cooperman, Vice President of Product, RollWorks.

"During this period of economic uncertainty it’s more important than ever that marketing and sales teams align to focus investments around the accounts with the highest likelihood of buying from them. RollWorks is dedicated to the mission of making Account Based Marketing (ABM) work for businesses through the power of account data and machine learning.”

The RollWorks platform empowers B2B marketing teams with a deeper understanding of their prospects around:

  • Account Fit - A measure of how well an account matches a business' ideal customer profile. Firmographic and technographic factors such as geography, industry, revenue, annual growth rate, number of employees, and existing technologies play an important role in filtering down accounts that are a fit and worthy of marketing and sales focus.
  • Account Engagement - The measure of which accounts are engaging with a business through activities such as email opens, digital advertising views, website visits, webinar registrations, physical events attendance, blog post reads, and online product demos. Not all activity is equal (a product demo is probably a stronger signal than a blog visit). Aggregating activity from all of the people who are interacting with a business at an account level is critical so that marketing and sales teams can respond rapidly when engagement is spiking.
  • Account Intent - Traditionally invisible to marketers, this is a measure of which accounts are engaging with a solution area, regardless of whether they've engaged with your business. Intent is measured through business content consumption relevant to specific solution area or Intent topic. B2B buyers often consume content from 10-15 sources, and more than 80% of them are influenced by this content in their purchase decision.

“We are thrilled that this partnership with Bombora allows our customers to take advantage of Account Intent data in a seamless way within the RollWorks Account-Based Platform so they can win new business and drive account growth at scale,” said Mike Stocker, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, RollWorks.

“RollWorks chose to partner with Bombora because its Company Surge® data uniquely measures intent signals across many data and content sources, establishes a baseline of activity for specific accounts, and then measures account-based increases in content consumption around specific topics.”

“Having data that best reflects changes in prospect and customer interest is the first step. The ability to act on - and truly operationalize - Intent data at scale is a prerequisite to improving marketing performance. This new integration with RollWorks along with its mission of democratizing ABM, will dramatically expand the accessibility and usability of Intent data,” said Mike Burton, Co-Founder and Senior Vice President at Bombora.

To learn more about this integration, please visit RollWorks.