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How Bombora, Everstring, Terminus and TTEC are setting Account Based Growth on F.I.E.E.

May 7, 2018

Many businesses invest in individual tools for Account Based Marketing and sales, yet most of them fall short in executing programs across channels.

With that in mind, Bombora, Everstring, Terminus and TTEC has developed a collective approach to driving Account Based Growth called FIEE.

Putting aside the awkwardness of yet another acronym, the partnership truly gives marketers a way to optimize target account selection via a strategic integration of analytics, insights and actions. The four core values that make up the FIEE pathway are Fit, Intent, Engage and Execute. A good way to think of this method is as if you're walking along an Account Based Growth stepping stone walkway:

  1. Fit. Finding accounts that align to established customer attributes using automated data science through Everstring.
  2. Intent. Aggregating demographic and firmographic data to provide insights about when these customers are actively in-market via Bombora.
  3. Engage. Enabling Account Based Marketing at scale to drive demand by way of Terminus.
  4. Execute. Operationalizing and executing omnichannel sales programs to acquire, retain and grow customers with TTEC.

Without each partner the path is fragmented and difficult to navigate. By bringing all four steps together, it makes it easier for B2B sales and marketers to integrate strategy and technology. Thus, marketers are able to refine their target account selection process and drive sales results via this innovative partnership's FIEE approach.

Parts of this post were first published on PR Newswire.