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MediaMath Blog – How marketers can make the most out of B2B intent data

June 17, 2016

As a part of our partnership with MediaMath, Bombora CMO, Marc Johnson spoke to Aruna Paramasivam about what opportunities marketers are missing out on and how they can make the most out of B2B intent data.

As a part of the interview, Marc highlighted that one of the biggest opportunities that B2B marketers are missing out on is the opportunity to use B2B intent data to align their internal teams, specifically sales and marketing. He points out that by taking a shared data-driven approach between teams can help ‘eliminate organizational finger pointing’ and 'help with revenue performance'.

Another area that Marc touches on is Account-Based Marketing and the best way to approach a content strategy to power it. He urges marketers to embrace the tenet that, “Content that aims to educate, sells.  Content that that aims to sell, doesn’t.”, in particular using intent data to understand the topic interest and needs of the target audience. The consequence of blasting irrelevant content at customers, he advises is ‘irreparable brand damage’, as well as potentially ‘losing the opportunity to engage with them at all’.

You can read the whole article on the MediaMath blog.