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Bombora Intent data enhances MeritDirect’s databases

October 11, 2016

MeritDirect uses Bombora's Intent data to enhance its OmniChannelBASE database and increasingly drive its hyper-targeted email, direct mail, telemarketing and lead generation programs.

(RYE BROOK, NY – Effective immediately) – MeritDirect has announced a partnership with Bombora, a leading provider of Intent data for B2B marketers. The addition of Bombora’s Intent data will enhance MeritDirect’s premier database – OmniChannelBASE which brings together robust and responsive market-leading data in one marketer-friendly database. Bombora sources online Intent data which MeritDirect can now marry to already hyper targeted email, direct mail, telemarketing and lead generation programs.

Bombora tracks the research behavior of 1.2 million businesses, and is able to identify when a company is ‘surging’* in interest on specific B2B topics. Responders that are sourced from surging companies have been proven to convert into revenue opportunities at three times the rate of leads sourced from non-surging companies.

"Not only can you target that enterprise level, IT manager, with the purchasing authority for virtualization but now you can also add on Surge online intent targeting and further pinpoint only prospects from companies who are currently in market to purchase (for instance) 'cloud storage'. This partnership brings together some of the best sourced B2B demographic data and online Intent data on the market and can take any direct marketing or lead generation campaign to the next level without missing a beat," says Anthony Carraturo, VP of Data & Media Services at MeritDirect.

“Our partnership with MeritDirect helps B2B marketers to action our Surge data quickly and effectively inside of a premium solution. For marketers with an ABM strategy, the partnership will further the alignment of sales and marketing,” adds Mike Burton, Co-Founder and SVP of Data Sales of Bombora.

*Derived from Intent data, Surge data indicates when a company starts consuming content on a topic much more than they normally do, according to historic benchmarks of consumption.